Cornerstone Project

Hopewell's current Sanctuary.

Hopewell’s current Sanctuary.

Begun in 2013, our original Cornerstone Project included the following information:

Jesus described Himself as the Cornerstone that His church would be built upon (Luke 20:17).  God has laid upon our hearts that it is time to build a new church for Hopewell.  With Jesus as the Cornerstone and your generous donation, we can build this church together… to God’s Glory.  We are calling this fundraising event The Cornerstone Project.

Begun in 2001, HopeWell’s congregation has grown from seven people to over 120 members.  During that time, drug dealers and users have come to know Jesus and have been restored.  Broken women who suffered at the hands of their men have found strength and an abundant life in Christ.  The lost and homeless have found direction and purpose through the love of Jesus.

Every Sunday, Hopewell’s tiny church overflows with people who have found their mission:  to love others as Christ loved.  HopeWell has no paid staff.  Except for utilities and building maintenance, all tithes and gifts go to feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, praying for the lost, and loving the broken.  In order for Hopewell to continue to focus on its mission and ministries, we need your help to build the new church.

Our prayer is that the new sanctuary will be the beginning of a revitalization for the entire community surrounding Hopewell.  We want to tear down dilapidated buildings that once knew hunger and improve our food pantry.  We want to rip apart abandoned houses where a child once knew abuse and build a youth center.  We hope to level vacant buildings where drug deals still go down and replace them with a basketball court.  We believe this is God’s vision for us… but we cannot do it without you.

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Hopewell’s proposed church design.

What impact can you  have by supporting Hopewell?  Your prayers and gifts to HopeWell will help us bring Christ’s love to the addicted, abused, and lost. Your prayers and gifts will offer hope to children living in poverty and in a community with few opportunities. Your prayers and gifts will bring Jesus to a community that has lost its way and needs a strong and loving family of faith like HopeWell to lead it in revival.

Our goal is to raise $400,000 so that we do not leave a legacy of debt.  We cherish your prayers and humbly thank you for generous support.  To donate, please make checks payable to Hopewell Community Church and note “Cornerstone Project.”  Our mailing address is 504 Avenue F, Conroe, Texas  77301.

Check the thermometer to see our progress to date: